Hacking, hardware hacking

My Start With IoT Exploitation

Intro Since I’ve been really interested in hardware hacking for quite some time I finally decided to pull apart an Archer C7 v2(rip I fried it) new target is a D-link DIR-601 and poke around a bit. I got UART easily and suspect there’s JTAG pinout but won’t know for sure until I brute force them. I obviously could just…

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Quick update

So I wanted to just post a quick update as a couple of changes have been made. One of the most notable is a bunch of our content is now GONE! However, The upside is it’s not completely lost. The4rchAngel has rightfully decided he would like his content organized on his own site. You can find all his old HackTheBox…

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Setting up an iOS Hacking Environment

Introduction For my first post I am going to walk you through setting up your iOS device for iOS app hacking. You will need a jailbroken iDevice, and although I am going to use my MacBook during this setup you can mostly follow along directly from your device. I am not going to walk you through jailbreaking your device in…

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