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So I wanted to just post a quick update as a couple of changes have been made. One of the most notable is a bunch of our content is now GONE! However, The upside is it’s not completely lost. The4rchAngel has rightfully decided he would like his content organized on his own site. You can find all his old HackTheBox walk throughs that were posted here and any new content he publishes on I personally would like to thank him for all his contributions to this site, And frankly for keeping it alive while I’ve been slacking. Good luck going forward my friend!

With that being said I’m going to try and get my act together when it comes to blogging. I’ve had a “vision” of what I want this site to be ever since I ditched the old forum and decided to make it a blog, and I’ve done a poor job of following through on that. I could sit here and give excuses for why but that’s unnecessary so I won’t. I assume most of the people that end up here are from my twitter so you know that one of the main goals I have this year is to blog regularly about what I’m learning. There are a couple more iOS related posts that I’ve sort of committed to writing, but once I finish those I don’t really plan on focusing on iOS much for a while. Hardware hacking and IoT exploitation has captured my attention and since I’ve been mainly focusing on that I figure that’s where the content should be. Hopefully you all find it as interesting as I do!

One more quick things before I go! There is a new account named “Denizens” that has posted a new write up. After someone reached out to me on twitter offering to let us post his writeup for a HackTheBox machine that we didn’t have yet I decided it would be cool to have an account for people to have their infosec related content featured on the site posted under. So if you have written some quality content and would like it hosted on the site (can already be posted elsewhere) then either reach out on twitter or through the Contact page. Ohh and if you’re going to use the contact page please provide a valid email address. I’ve received a number of emails with bogus addresses in the email field which leaves me no way to respond.

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